It is almost time for Summer Reading Program! I have a couple of sets that work great with this year’s theme of #oceansofpossibilities, including these fun and sparkly mermaids! I originally designed these cuties for my neice who is obsessed with mermaids. I wrote three songs to go with them but I know many of you will find even more creative ways to use them!

*I use glitter iron-on vinyl for my mermaids but that can be expensive and wasteful if you are just making a personal set, so I recommend using Glitter EVA Craft Foam for your set that is cheaper and will still look good.

*I add a different shape to each of the Mermaid’s hair for added learning opportunities but did not include it in the pattern. If you want to add, then just cut out different shapes from the felt or craft foam scraps and add if you like!

*I use 5 different neutral tones for my mermaids to provide as much representation as possible, but it can be difficult to find felt in that many neutral shades. I recommend using a minimum of 3 skin tone shades to be as representative as possible. The most accessible shades are antique white, cashmere tan and walnut brown.

Check out the instructions below to make your own set or download the full instructions and pattern here!

To complete this set, you will need the following supplies:

  • Aleene’s tacky glue or Mini hot glue gun
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Sharp microtip scissors 
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron
  • Pencil
  • Extra fine-tip marking pen
  • Glitter EVA craft foam (see colors below)
  • Felt (see colors below)

You will need the following quantities and colors of 9×12 felt sheets:

  • 1 – Purple
  • 1- Pink
  • 1- Orange
  • 1- Lime Green
  • 1 – Aqua Blue
  • 1 – Light Pink
  • 2 – Tan
  • 1 – Dark Tan
  • 1 – Ivory
  • 1 – Light Brown
  • 1 – Dark Brown

You will need the following colors of Glitter EVA Craft Foam:

  • 1 – Purple
  • 1- Pink
  • 1- Orange
  • 1- Lime Green
  • 1 – Aqua Blue

Instructions & Patterns



  • Print PDF patterns onto cardstock and cut out;
  • Iron freezer paper onto craft felt with waxy-side down and parchment-side up on medium heat;
  • Trace patterns onto freezer paper using a pencil;
  • Use sharp fabric scissors to cut through freezer paper and felt together;
  • Gently remove freezer paper from felt and continue with remaining pieces.

EVA Craft Foam

  • Trace Part C-Tail 2 and Part D-Tail 1 stencils directly on the back side of your EVA craft foam; the front side will have the glitter and will align with the other coordinated pieces for that color;
  • Cut out craft foam using sharp scissors.



  • Part J-Pearl does not require assembly. Set aside.


  • Place both Part I-Sandbar pieces next to each other like mirror images to create one long sandbar; cut two small “tape” size felt pieces of the same color; flip the pieces to the back and glue to the middle like “tape” to hold the pieces together; this will allow the long sandbar to fold and be easy to store.
  • You can also keep them as two separate pieces and place next to each other on your flannelboard.


  • Gather both the light pink and the ivory Part H-Seashell pieces;
  • Cut along dotted lines on the light pink seashell only;
  • Glue the light pink seashell on top of the ivory seashell, leaving small openings in the cut lines to give the shell dimension.


  • Gather all same color Body, Hair and Tail pieces into five separate piles;
  • Select a different Part G-Skin color to go with each Mermaid;
  • Start with Part A-Body and glue Part G-Skin on top so the head is centered;
  • Place Part C-Tail on top of the Mermaid body so it partially covers part of the skin piece and aligns with the tail fin. Once aligned, glue down;
  • Glue matching Part F-Hair on the top of the Mermaid head covering part of the Mermaid’s face and aligns with the top of the Mermaid body cutout;
  • Use marking pen to draw eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Repeat with other colors;
  • Practice all 3 included Mermaid songs and enjoy!



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