Hello there!

I’m Jasmine Kallenberg, a literacy librarian (M.L.S.) turned Homeschool Mombrarian. I have a love for flannel board storytelling and all things felt! I enjoy writing and creating new flannel board stories and songs for young learners to enjoy. I write and create everything for my daughter first and if she loves it, then I share it with you! She is constantly giving me ideas of what new stories and sets to create and how to do more with the ones we already have.

My shop is a creative outlet for me to write and create original work, so you won’t find many traditional stories or sets based on books. Instead, I hope you discover new ways to entertain, engage and educate young learners with flannel board, especially my large, interactive Peek-a-boo sets.

My Early Literacy Work

I began my library career in 2007 and completed my Masters in Library Science from the University of North Texas in 2010. I worked in early literacy outreach as part of the library’s Every Child Ready to Read program for three years. During that time, I traveled hundreds of miles all across the city to schools, clinics, recreation centers, daycares and more to reach parents with young children, give away free childrens book and instill in them the importance of reading to their children from birth.

My work in early literacy quickly evolved into developing library programs to address the learning needs of the entire family. In 2014, I was featured by PBS/KERA as a local American Graduate Champion, and in 2015, I was selected as one of fifty librarians nationwide to be a library Mover and Shaker by Library Journal. In 2016, one year after having my first child, I decided to focus my energy on my growing family and have been a stay-at-home-mombrarian ever since. One of my final (and favorite) library projects was Books for Dallas Babies, an initiative to put books in mothers’ hands as soon as their babies are born.

I still have a passion for early literacy and public libraries that I just can’t shake. In fact, I’ve been to more library storytimes and have checked out more library books as a mom than I ever did as a working librarian. After the onset of the Great Quarantine, I found myself in need of a creative outlet that combined my previous work life with my current mom life, and to be a resource to families who are new to at-home learning. That’s when I started my activities blog, Love Learn Librarian and later my flannel board stories shop The Flannel Librarian.

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